Thursday, March 11, 2010

Valentine's Day, Del Sol Ragnar, the Kids and School and Happy Birthday Rob!

This year only Brooklyn & Alyssa had to make Valentine boxes for their classes. Thank goodness for the Cricut!!! Since Rob wants the kids to decorate their own boxes, I do all the cutting and put the double-sided tape on the back of the decorations and then show the girls where to stick everything:)...Does that count as letting them decorate their own boxes???Ashley didn't have to take her box to class, but I still had her make one just for fun. This is the product of a no-help-from-Mom box:)...Isn't it adorable?!!! She did use a few left over hearts that I cut out for the other girls though:)
Rob, Hunter and I all got to go to each of the girls classes for the Valentine's party. Ashley made this cute bag for her valentines. She has one of the best teachers in the world!
Hunter enjoyed eating all of the candy that Ash didn't want.
Hunter made himself at home in Alyssa's class. He plopped down on the rocking chair and read a book to himself:)...Well, he at least looked at the pictures.
Alyssa let Hunter eat most of her candy too:)
Valentine's Day was also Black and White Day at school. Hunter and his Valentine's gift from Rob and me
A few weeks ago, I ran in my 3rd Ragnar Relay. It was terrible, yet sooo much fun! By the third leg, we were all seriously wondering why we keep signing up for these things. Fortunately, or unfortunately:) some of us are running the one in Los Angeles in April. I think now that all of our muscles have healed, we should be able to make it:) My total this round was 13 1/2 miles. Who in the world came up with the idea to run this far in 36 hours with little to no sleep???
Our team name was Wii Not Fit
Thanks to my photographer friend, Ruth, I have pictures of myself.
Jeff giving me some water...Thanks Jeff!...I was really thirsty:)
Last year we had a problem growing lemons, but this year we got a bunch! The kids were so excited when they actually got to pick some:)
Rob and Hunter made lemonade
My girls have had very few big projects that had to be done for school. For some strange reason, this time Alyssa's and Brooklyn's were both due on the same day. Being the procrastinator that I have been since I was in school, we of course waited to do the projects until the last couple of days before they were due. Rob was out of town, and once again, I was saved by the Cricut. Alyssa's project was on the skeletal system.
Brooklyn had to choose one of the Winter Olympic sports to do a report on. Since she is taking ice skating lessons, she of course chose figure skating.
Last Saturday was the annual Spring Carnival at the girl's school. Keeping with tradition, Rob had to win a basket at the silent auction. This year Rob bought Brooklyn's class basket which was "Pamper Yourself".
I don't know who was more excited for this basket, me or the girls. Yes, Rob does like to pamper himself, but this basket was full of stuff for girls:) All Hunter got was a blue loofah that I later took back, and of course he has no idea that it's gone:) Hunter was really disappointed that we bought this basket instead of the Hot Wheels basket:(
On Rob's birthday, Alyssa had her 3rd grade musical. I went to the morning showing at the school so that we could go see Alice in Wonderland 3-D after school...Loved Alice in Wonderland by the way. Anyway, Alyssa was a crow and she looked so adorable singing all the songs and flying around like a crow:)
The lighting is always terrible on the stage, so this is the only decent picture that I was able to get.
Our friends came over Monday night for cake and ice cream. I think Rob offered to hold Max while we sang to him so he could hide behind him:)...I still got a picture Rob:)
Rob's bosses sent him a YUMMY fruit basket for his birthday. The kids have never eaten so much fruit in one setting.
I guess Ashley and the Richey girls thought that we were having a fiesta...Ashley is so dramatic:)...In a good way!
Happy 37th Birthday Rob! We love you! I will say that one of the best presents he got for his birthday was the card from Benson:)...That was awesome!!!


Stephanie said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Rob!!
What cute pics of the kids. You guys are always having so much fun. Brooklyn is looking so mature and beautiful

Kyle said...

Benson's card was funny...he will appreciate that it was Rob's favorite gift! Looks like you guys had fun! Lets get together soon!

Kyle said...

P.S. I don't understand why you didn't post the card on your blog? (lol)

Courtney said...

Such CUTE Valentine boxes!! I'm glad Rob had a good birthday... and I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland!!

Natalie said...

Your kids are so adorable and good looking! We miss you all a bunch. I'm glad Rob had a good birthday and that you were able to enjoy the fruits of the pamering basket. You are an amazing lady, Amy! Wii NOT Fit is my favorite Ragnar name ever! :)